• The MOST MISIDENTIFIED photo of MARILYN MONROE in the World!
  • The MOST MISIDENTIFIED photo of MARILYN MONROE in the World!
  • The MOST MISIDENTIFIED photo of MARILYN MONROE in the World!

Model: Jimmy James as Marilyn for L.A. Eyeworks ad campaign 1989.

Photographer: Greg Gorman

Limited Edition: 100 prints (Less than half remaining). Prices subject to increase as prints become scarce. All prints are Fine Art and exactly the same.

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(Select higher than #50 EXCEPT #99 & #100 Reserved for later final bidding).

What You Get in a 16x10 White Tube:

• Fine Art Print on Archival Paper — Size: 13x19 Image: 12x18 (Signed & Numbered by Jimmy James & Greg Gorman).

• Letter of authenticity from Greg Gorman Studios Los Angeles, CA.

• Photocopy of the original L.A. Eyeworks ad (history & story on the back).

• Photocopy of The African Stamp MISTAKE.

• Tri-fold Brochure commemorating Jimmy James’ 35th Anniversary in ShowBiz from Summer engagement Provincetown, MA 2018.


For almost 30 years this image had fallen into obscurity and was forbidden from ever being seen by the public.

One of the happiest days of my Thirty-Five Year Career was in 2018 when Legendary Famed Photographer Greg Gorman agreed to print a Limited Edition 100 prints of this very special photograph.

In 1989, Greg Gorman photographed me as Marilyn Monroe for the L.A. Eyeworks ad campaign. This ad ran only ONCE in Andy Warhol’s INTERVIEW Magazine - Nov.1989. What followed was devastating... L.A. Eyeworks, Greg Gorman and I were all harshly threatened with lawsuits from the Monroe Estate attorneys. Sadly, the image was immediately cancelled, removed and banned from ever being seen again — anywhere! All my hard work was erased! I was crushed and heartbroken, helpless to do anything. Nothing could be done. I had to try to forget and just move on.

Then, around 2009, a little thing known as the “internet” eventually set the image free! The photograph started popping up everywhere! We found sightings on social media like Instagram and Facebook. We saw hundreds of tattoos, t-shirts, phone cases, works of art and even a series of African

Stamps featuring Marilyn Monroe with me juxtaposed with the REAL Marilyn! Mostly, NO ONE knew it was me. I kinda found that amusing. However, now THREE DECADES LATER, I can finally shout it out, loud and proud — This picture is ME as Marilyn!!

As an Impersonator or Impressionist this photograph is one of my proudest achievements. I believe, in the years to come, "Jimmy James as Marilyn" for L.A. Eyeworks, shot by Greg Gorman, will most certainly appreciate in value. I hope you think it’s special too.

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